22 fevereiro 2007

Portugal will legalise abortion

The people spoke with a clear voice. Finally YES.

Portugal currently has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the European Union. Only Ireland, Malta and Poland have such similarly strict legislation.

The mainly Catholic country currently allows abortions up the 12th week to save a woman's life or to preserve her mental or physical health.

In cases of rape, abortions are allowed within 16 weeks. The limit is 24 weeks if there is a risk that the child will be born with an incurable disease or deformity.

As a result many Portuguese women go to Spain for terminations or resort to illegal abortions.

Some women have abortions done in unsanitary conditions and risk ending up with infections or other serious complications from which they may die.

posted by ana @ 20:42  
  • At 21:11, Anonymous pedro said…

    Esta-se bem no Ritz!

    Para mim pode ser uma francesinha!

    beijinhos do francesinho

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